Photo Gallery

Patient was bothered by dark circles under the eye and a tired appearance. Dr. Bacon recommended the injectable Artefill, which is a long lasting filler. It was placed under her eyes and to the side and above to replace volume we lose as we age.*
Patient was bothered by dark circles under eyes. Artefill was used to restore volume under eyes and rejuvenate collagen.*
Artefill was used to camouflage bags under eyes and replace volume lost in face to restore a more youthful appearance.*
Client was troubled by cellulite on thighs. Dr. Bacon performed Cellulaze on outer thighs to reduce cellulite. Photos submitted by client.*
Patient had Cellulaze treatment for smoother contour of thighs and tighter skin.*
Patient was trouble by cellulite. Cellulaze was performed to smooth out thighs.*
Patient choose Cellulaze procedure to smooth and tighten skin on outer thighs.*
Patient wanted to minimize wrinkles and reduce pigmentation for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Bacon treated her face once with the fractional CO2 laser. This provides skin rejuvenation and resurfacing for radiant looking skin.*
Patient was bothered by thinning hair in the front. NeoGraft restored the balding patches and volume to the front of her head.*
Hair from the back portion of the patient's head is microscopically removed with NeoGraft technology and placed in the front/top area for a fuller, natural look.*
Patient was bothered by the lines of her nasal labial folds (creases from nose to sides of mouth). Filler was used to soften the appearance for a more youthful look. Photos show pre-treatment and immediately following injections.*
Patient desired reduction of fat in her upper back and around flanks. Dr. Bacon performed SmartLipo to reduce fat in these areas.*
Patient was bothered by excess fat and sagging skin on her abdomen. Dr. Bacon performed SmartLipo to remove fat and tighten the sagging skin. Photos show before and one year post.*
Despite a routine exercise regimen, patient was bothered by abdominal fat. He wanted a procedure without downtime. Dr. Bacon performed SmartLipo on his abdomen. Photos are before and six months post.*
Patient desired reduction of fat in abdomen and back fat. Dr. Bacon performed SmartLipo to reduce fat in these areas and tighten the skin.*
Patient wanted reduction of fat in her abdomen and skin tightening. Dr. Bacon performed SmartLipo to reduce her abdomen.*
Despite active exercise, patient could not get rid of stubborn fat in abdomen. Dr. Bacon performed laser liposuction on his abdomen to reduce fat and tighten. Photo is before and three months post.*
Patient desired contouring of abdomen with laser liposuction. Photos are pre-procedure and one month post.*
Patient desired fat reduction and skin tightening of her abdomen. Photos are before her procedure and six months post procedure of SmartLipo with Dr. Bacon.*
Patient presented desiring reduction of abdomen and sides. Laser liposuction was performed to reduce these areas for a more trim appearance. Photos shown are before and two months post procedure.*