Special Cases

Special Cases

BaconMD offers solutions for unique cases of hair loss and camouflage of scarring. Because of its precise approach and the ability to harvest individual hair follicles, NeoGraft is the optimal procedure for cases requiring intricate detail. Many patients seek hair restoration for special needs including scar camouflage. It is a common myth that scar tissue does not support hair growth. Hair follicles harvested using NeoGraft can be successfully transplanted into scar tissue, resulting in vibrant and growing hair. 

Eyebrows provide definition and expression for your face. Whether absent or patchy as a result of aging, injury, plucking or genetics, BaconMD offers you a solution with NeoGraft technology. NeoGraft is the easiest and best surgical option for fast and simple eyebrow restoration. Careful, meticulous implantation is achieved to obtain the correct angle, orientation and position of the transplanted hair. 

After procedures such as brow lifts and face lifts, patients can experience hairline distortions. BaconMD has unique expertise in correcting hairline recessions and distortions and covering scars where hair no longer grows.  Scarring along the ear from cosmetic surgery can be minimized by carefully transplanting  new hair in front of the ear. 

Scar Camouflage
BaconMD has treated many patients who have a linear scar resulting from the "strip method" of hair restoration. Our hair restoration skills allow us to camouflage the large scar in the back of the scalp due to the strip method and also to correct the chunky, "plug-like" look sometimes associated that method.

Body Hair
BaconMD's Hair Transplantation Center is one of a few centers in the U.S. that successfully provides hair restoration using body hair. In some cases, patients do not have enough donor hair on their head to achieve optimal restoration results.  Before finding us, many of our patients visited numerous facilities and were told they were not a hair restoration candidate because of the density of hair on their head. They are very pleased with their results at our facility.